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Tommy "Tadpole" Zinda's Fishing Reports and Conditions

Tommy's Fishing Adventures
Click here for more Information on Tommy's Fishing Adventures

Tommy Zinda, Professional
Tommy's fishing with the fishing Gods now.  Thomas F. “Tadpole Tommy” Zinda, age 66 of Lake Tomahawk, WI  died on Wednesday May 12th at his residence.  But he'll always be with us no matter what water we're on here.  Click here to find out more about Tommy Zinda

FISHING REPORTS:  Tommy's last report.

April 2010 Greers Ferry Arkansas Fishing Forecast. Fishing predictions are always tough, but under normal conditions, seasonal patterns usually are in line. Throw this out the window this year, folks. We've just been through the most unusual winter in the midsouth most of us can remember. Record extended cold weather, record snowfall up to one foot, high water and wild swings in water temps from day to day as much as 5 degrees was seen. I think most of us will agree this has caused most of us to have the least productive winter ever. For example, this has been the latest walleye spawn ever seen on this lake. Normally the spawn is complete by the last week of February or for sure, the second week of March. This year late March is only the beginning of fish movement to spawning grounds. Hard eggs in females and no milting of males was seen as late as the last week in March. I believe this will be true on all other species of game fish in their spawn this spring, too. Fish spawning is governed by time of the season and water temps. On some years water temps never reach seasonal conditions when they should. This leads to poor spawns with fish actually reabsorbing their eggs rather than emitting them. Thus, we have a poor year class of fry on those species. That is why Fish and Game will survey year classes and increase stockings on these poor natural reproduction years. This year, look to either the best April you've ever had or maybe the worst. The weather will be the factor. Hopefully stable weather will be seen, but don't bet on it, as high water, muddy water, or cold fronts could affect us greatly. If stable weather is seen, we will see a huge bite for a very short period of time in early April, as the spawn on most species will be short and sweet, not drawn out for weeks as usual. Because fish arrived very late in shallow feeder streams, you can expect them to remain in these shallow arms much longer than normal this year. I think the same will be seen on midlake structure. This will be heaven for you run and gun shoreline bass guys. If water levels are normal, the buck brush along shorelines will hold spring fish much longer than normal before moving out in deep water. Actually, I expect the same on walleyes. Midlake spawners will move to these buck brush edges in 5 to 10 feet of water immediately after spawning to feed heavily after the rigors of the spawn. The schools will move right along with the bass to find shallow forage. For those of you who like to cast hard baits, stick to shallow running jerk baits in long minnow styles like Rapala X Raps or Rattling Rogues. This style of lure will be tops on both bass and 'eyes in the same areas. If you find more than two or three 'eyes in a short area of buck brush, immediately switch to a 1/16 or 1/8 oz jig and crawler comb and fish with patience for a limit. Guaranteed if you find two or three, you have found an active school of feeding fish. White bass and hybrids are much easier to predict than other species, in that once they are in a spawning area, they will be popping the surface telling you where to fish. Many times this will help you with your bass, cat fish, and 'eyes, too, in that the white bass tell you where the forage is. Another very important thing that will happen in April is to watch for the carp spawning run. When you are fishing close to marinas, listen for the pounding of buffalo carp on the sides of pontoon boats. The female carp will do this to get their eggs out of their body. As they do this, all other species of fish will move into that area to feed on these eggs. However, remember not to get any closer than 50 feet from a commercial dock, as this law was passed last year by Fish and Game. If you see spawning carp surface or hear that pounding, you can bet there are lots of other fish with them. Because fish arrived in both major and minor feeder arms very late this year, expect game fish to remain longer than normal up these arms. The whole month of April will see most fish in 20 feet or shallower of water every where in the lake. That, in itself, is a good thing, as shallow fish are easier to catch than suspended fish out in 70 to 100 feet of water. So to sum this up, this could be your best April ever or the worst. Everything depends on this goofy weather we have been seeing. High water if we get a lot of rain can mess things up. Best of luck to all of you. Good Fishin'
Tommy Zinda, www.tommysfishingadventures.com <tadpole@g2a.net>
- Tuesday, March 23, 2010 at 06:55:41 (PDT)

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